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Claude Monet’s 1906 Painting “Nympheas” Failed to Reach it’s Estimated Value of 30 – 40 Million Pounds

A few days ago my husband and I went to Christie’s London for their sale preview where you’re able to view some seriously impressive artwork that has now gone under the hammer. I highly recommend going to these preview days at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. It’s incredible seeing a plethora of paintings, a vast amount that you’ve never seen before due to them being in the vaults and houses of private collectors. We walked passed Signac’s, Schiele’s and Klimt’s before standing opposite the monumental Nympheas, painted in 1906 by Claude Monet. I say monumental as it’s not a small painting, it measures 90cm x 100cm.  While Nympheas is a lovely calming painting, that was painted in Monet’s water garden in Giverny and is also one of five paintings, which formed part of his celebrated display of Water Lilies at a 1909 exhibition in Paris, the most impressive thing about Monet’s Nympheas painting is that it was valued between 30 – 40 Million pounds! Wow.

Claude Monet Nympheas

After such high expectations and buzz from the press, Nympheas (1906) failed to sell.  Bidding reached 29 Million pounds.

If you however, enjoy Monet and would love to have a reproduction oil painting of any Monet painting, please have a look at the online Monet gallery.

For me however, I also found 3 paintings that I really loved whilst at Christie’s. 2 paintings by an artist, I hadn’t even heard of called Henri Lebasque , which I’ve decided to commission reproduction oil paintings of for the living room. Will post pictures when they’re done.

If you have any questions or would like to add something, please post a comment or email me at anna@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

Bye for now x

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If you enjoy art and the finer things in life, then you’ll love having reproduction oil paintings in your home!

What are reproduction oil paintings?

Reproduction Oil Paintings

In today’s market, there are many types of wall décor available for you to furnish your walls. Ranging from photographs and mirrors to prints and posters of scenes that you admire and love. Now, just think, instead of buying a poster or giclee print from a shop on the high street or art gallery gift shop, it is becoming increasingly more popular to commission reproduction oil paintings of scenes and landscapes of famous paintings that you adore. Admirer of Turner or Monet’s water lilies, perhaps van Gogh’s Almond Blossom is what you find really special?! Well forget buying the prints, if you’re looking for something really special, order oil painting reproductions of your favourite paintings.

Reproduction oil paintings, otherwise known as art replicas, fine art reproduction, art copies, are just that – they are copies of usually famous paintings that are hand-painted by a professional artist. A lot of art reproduction companies make the claim that their reproduction oil paintings are “museum quality”, without substantiating the claim. Fabulous Masterpieces does, but for the reason that our reproduction oil paintings are actually museums, if you’re interested to learn more, please take a look at our website to read more about museum quality oil painting reproductions.

Who buys reproduction oil paintings?

Reproduction Oil Paintings

A lot of people actually, not just from the UK. We’ve delivered reproduction oil paintings to the USA, Australia, Dubai, Argentina, Moscow, France, Switzerland, Holland, Norway and Greece! These people range from being:

  • Period homeowners who need period style reproduction oil paintings such as constables, Gainsborough’s and Turner’s.
  • Museums
  • Owners of original paintings who need reproduction oil paintings for security and insurance reasons.
  • Art lovers
  • People who just want something a bit more special than a print in their home.
  • Interior designers
  • New homeowners – A major reason, they tell us is that their new home has big blank walls and they can commission reproduction oil paintings made-to-measure from us to fit any dimensions that they need.
  • People who suffer from blank-wall syndrome!

Why do people buy reproduction oil paintings?

reproduction oil paintings

Buyer looking at reproduction oil paintings by Fabulous Masterpieces

The majority of people who come to us and buy reproduction oil paintings are simply looking for something a bit more special than the usual print, which can be found in Ikea or the high street. They are people who care about the appearance of their homes and prefer to have custom-made oil paintings on the walls of art that they love. When you visit an exhibition at a gallery and spot a painting that wows you and moves you, it changes your mood, it uplifts you. Now imagine if you could transform your walls and experience the feelings of seeing your favourite pieces of art every day. This is one of the main reasons why people buy reproduction oil paintings from us.

Would you like to learn more?


Would You Like To Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about Fabulous Masterpieces please visit the Fabulous Masterpieces’ Website. If you’d like to commission your favourite oil painting reproductions, please do get in touch and contact Tim Bertram tim@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk. We’ve been painting oil painting reproductions for the last 3 years for everybody from Lords & Ladies, museums, companies and private individuals and we would love to paint a reproduction for you of your favourite piece of art. for more information on Reproduction Oil Paintings follow this link http://hubpages.com/hub/Reproduction-Oil-Paintings-UK

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Three Reasons Why We Love Camille Pissarro

We love Camille Pissarro because of his beautiful oil paintings depicting rural and urban life in France. And of course his later works which, displays an empathy for peasants and laborers.

Pissarro Landscape at Pontoise

Camille Pissarro's Landscape at Pontoise

2. We adore Camille Pissarro’s paintings of Kew gardens and not just because Kew gardens is only 10 minutes away from our office.

Camille Pissarro, Kew Gardens, Crossroads near the pond.

Pissarro’s Kew Gardens – Crossroads near the Pond.

Camille Pissarro - Church at Kew. Fine Art Reproduction by Fabulous Masterpieces

Pissarro’s Church at Kew

Camille Pissarro, Kew Gardens. Fine art reproduction by Fabulous Masterpieces
Pissarro’s Kew Gardens

Camille Pissarro - Kew Gardens Path between the pond and the palm
Pissarro’s Kew Gardens – Path between the Pond and the Palm House

Camille Pissarro - Kew gardens, The little greenhouse.
Pissarro’s Kew Gardens – The Little Greenhouse

You can commission a fine art replica of all of these Pissarro Painitngs  from Fabulous Masterpieces. Just follow the link http://www.fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk/page49.htm

3. Camille Pissarro’s influence even reached great artists such as Cezanne and Gauguin.

Pissarro’s influence on his fellow Impressionists is probably still underestimated. He offered substantial contributions to Impressionist theory, exhibited at all eight of the Impressionist exhibitions and although when one thinks of Impressionism Monet usually always springs to mind, Camille Pissarro was nonetheless a primary developer of Impressionist technique.

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Looking for Dog Portrait Artists?

Fabulous Masterpieces has over 50 artists on their books and 5 of those are solely dog portrait artists. If you’ve ever wanted to commission a portrait of your dog, the process really couldn’t be simpler.  Just have a look at the short clip below, which explains the process of commissioning a dog portrait.

You can even tell the artist what colour background you would like to have painted or have certain objects added in.

Dog Photo

Photo of dog emailed into Fabulous Masterpieces

Dog Portrait

Dog Portrait based on the photograph that was emailed into Fabulous Masterpieces

Our dog portrait artists use premium Winsor & Newton oils and paint onto a duck cotton canvases. For further information on pricing and commissioning a portrait of your dog by one of our professional dog portrait artists, please follow click here.

Have any questions? Would you like to see more examples of dog portraits? Please post a comment or email portraits@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you!

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