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How to Clean Your Oil Painting

How to clean an oil painting

When it comes to cleaning your oil painting, the best thing to use is a soft brush. Brushes can be used to remove surface dirt on the painting and the frame. If you still find you cannot remove the dirt, then cotton swabs that have been dampened with distilled water can be lightly rolled on the surface.  However, if there is flaking paint then no attempt at cleaning should be made as fragments of paint could be dislodged and swept away.  In this case, I would recommend seeking a trained conservator.

Do you have any tips?

If you have a question or if you clean your painting differently, we’d love to hear about it! Please get in touch and leave a comment.

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Reproduction Art Deco

Fabulous Masterpieces has just finished painting this beautiful reproduction Art Deco oil painting for a client who owns an Art Deco home. The artist worked from an old Art Deco print and changed the background and other aspects of the print to produce a new Art Deco oil painting.

Reproduction art deco

Art Deco Oil Painting by Fabulous Masterpieces

As all Fabulous Masterpieces’ artwork is made-to measure, the client was able to choose specific dimensions to suit his wall space and this Art Deco painting was custom-made to measure 3 metres by 2 metres. This isn’t the only reproduction Art Deco oil painting we’ve recently painted.

This reproduction Art Deco painting entitled Relais is actually very popular and we’ve now hand-painted a number of fine art reproductions of it.

Art Deco Paintings

Relais by Fabulous Masterpieces - Art Deco

All of Fabulous Masterpieces reproduction Art Deco paintings are hand-painted in oils onto canvas. They are not Giclee prints or done by machine but are all hand-painted by professional artists.

Would you like to see our Art Deco Gallery?

To see our online Art Deco gallery please click here and if you’re looking for tips on how to achieve an Art Deco look, you might want to read this interesting article on How to Achieve the Perfect Art Deco look.

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Turner’s Campo Vaccino Sold for £29 Million!

A while ago I wrote a post on Turner’s Campo Vaccino, which was estimated to sell between £12 – 18 Million at Sotheby’s London! Well the results are now in!

A top American museum, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, bought Turner’s Campo Vaccino (Modern Rome) for a record auction price for the artist for £29,7 Million!

Turner Campo Vaccino

Turner’s Campo Vaccino Sold for £29 Million

This beautiful painting had been on loan to the National Galleries of Scotland and on public view for the past thirty years.

David Moore-Gwyn, deputy chairman of Sotheby’s said  the “breathtaking” work showed Turner at his best. He added: “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to which the world’s collectors responded”.

Would you like to buy a fine art replica of Turner’s Campo Vaccino & see examples of our Turner reproduction oil paintings?

If you would like to buy a beautiful art reproduction oil painting of Turner’s Campo Vaccino or any other paintings by Turner please visit the online gallery shop.  Fabulous Masterpieces specialises in fine art reproduction and has painted a number of reproduction oil paintings by Turner.  If you would like to see some examples please contact us!

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This is just a quick post today.  We have finally got permission from Channel 4 to show the T.V clip of George Clarke, presenter of the Restoration Man, unveiling  our portrait of Edward VIII on national television.  If you missed the show, now’s your chance to take a look.  If you’re interested in finding out the whole story of why Fabulous Masterpieces was asked to paint a portrait of Edward VIII and more about this huge restoration project click here

Did you know that the oil painting of Edward VIII is also our art reproduction of the month (July 2010)!

Edward VIII

Edward VIII by Fabulous Masterpieces

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Anna x

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Beautiful Dog Portraits From Multiple Photographs

Our dog artist, who I have to say is fantastic, has just finished painting this beautiful dog portrait of Blauw the dog, a Bichon Frise sitting on Richmond Green.

Blauw's Beautiful Dog Portrait

Blauw's Beautiful Dog Portrait

The owner wanted Blauw (a Dutch name actually meaning Blue because when Blauw was born he had big blue eyes) painted as he is in photograph 1 but with the background of photograph 2.

As you can see Blauw looks really great and so cute in the first photo but the background is hardly inspiring.  The owner lives in Richmond and absolutely adores Richmond Green, taking Blauw there for his walkies daily, so we chose to paint that for the background.

The resulting portrait, I think looks fantastic and in the words of the owner:

“It is really beautiful. We are so very happy. Once again thank you for your prompt work”.

You can see that the background in the portrait is so detailed that the artist has even captured and painted the red mail box!

dog portraits

Detail of background

If you, like Mrs Miwa would like a portrait of your dog be it from one, two or several photos please email Tim at tim@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

This particular dog portrait measures 40cm x 50cm and cost £244. All prices include packaging, delivery and VAT. To see more examples of our beautiful dog portraits please follow the link


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Anna x

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Our Painting of Edward VIII is Front Cover of The Duke & Duchess Windsor Historical Society Magazine!

A few months ago you would have seen Fabulous Masterpieces’ painting of Edward VIII being unveiled on Channel 4’s The Restoration Man.  We were commissioned by a couple who are currently restoring a huge mansion in Wales and asked to paint 6 oil paintings of historical figures who had actually stayed in the house ranging from great British Prime Ministers such as Churchill & Gladstone to royalty such as Queen Victoria and Edward VIII.   Fabulous Masterpieces’ painting of Edward VIII has now been picked up by The Duke & Duchess of Windsor Historical Society and is front page of their magazine!  To have a look please follow the link.

Fabulous Masterpieces’ Edward VIII Front Cover & Story!

If you’re interested there’s also the whole story of how the painting of Edward VIII came about with pictures of the house and our artist’s mock ups of Edward VIII.  It really is a good read!

What’s so special about Edward VIII?

Edward VIII (1894 -1972) is an interesting character as he actually abdicated the throne for love! He is also one of the shortest-reigning monarchs in British History (he was king for less than a year and was never crowned).  After Edward VIII’s abdication, he was titled Duke of Windsor. Our painting of Edward VIII was actually painted when he was Prince of Wales, he was officially granted that title in a special ceremony held in 1911.

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