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Hi Everyone,

I thought I’d show you some recent examples of a new art reproduction artist that we’re just put onto our books. Everyone meet Esther and her paintings.

This is Esther’s art reproduction of a Caravaggio painting alongside the original for you to compare and contrast. Caravaggio’s painting is entitled Saint Jerome and was thought to have been painted in 1605-6. It is now located in Galleria Borghese in Rome. To persuade you to commission a painting by Esther, she is offering you to paint you a reproduction oil painting  at 40% off the normal prices on the Fabulous Masterpieces website! A blinding deal. If you want to take advantage of this introductory offer from Esther, simply contact us with the name and title of the painting you’re after and mention that you would like Esther to paint it for you.

caravaggio paintings

The Saint Jerome replica painting is on the top, original on the bottom. Obviously the Fab Masterpieces watermark is not on the actual oil painting. Receiving 40% off this painting or any other painting you love with Esther represents great value for money!

 Second Example

Esther’s reproduction of a Klimt oil painting. Her art reproduction is on top, the original below.

Klimt paintings

Esther's replica of a Klimt painting alongside the original for you to compare it to. Again our watermark will not be painted onto your actual painting.

Third Example

Gustave Caillebotte’s Oarsmen

Gustav Caillebotte Oarsmen

Esther's reproduction oil painting of Gustave Caillebotte's Oarsmen. Her art reproduction is on top, the original below. Again the actual watermark will not be painted onto your painting.

Fourth Example

reproduction oil paintings

Esther's reproduction oil painting is on top, the original below. Again the actual watermark will not be painted onto your painting.

Special 40% off deal!

Do you like what you see? If you would like to commission a fine art reproduction of your favourite painting with Esther and receive a staggering 40% off then please contact us or email Tim directly on tim@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk. Please remember to ask for Esther when contacting us.

Have a question?

We’d love to hear from you! If you would like to add something,  or ask a question concerning our art reproductions please leave a comment.

Bye for now x

Fabulous Masterpieces is the Premier UK Art Reproduction company. Curious to learn more about us? Then please visit the About Fabulous Masterpieces page. 

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Caravaggio Paintings

Caravaggio (1571 – 1610) whose real name was Michelangelo Merisi (he was named after the small town where he was brought up), truly was a tremendous artist. I’ve just come back from spending three weeks in Italy, where I have been mesmerised by so many of Caravaggio’s paintings. It’s no wonder therefore that we have been asked to paint a number of art replica paintings of his great masterpieces.

We actually have 2 artists who specialise in Caravaggio paintings. Sergei and Alex. Sergei has been painting professionally for over 16 years and is our top Caravaggio artist. Below is his art reproduction of Caravaggio’s Head of Medusa. Having just seen the original in the Uffizi I can testify to how technically brilliant this reproduction oil painting is. Interestingly enough Caravaggio’s original painting is actually a wooden shield covered with painted canvas.

Caravaggio Paintings by Sergei

1. Caravaggio Paintings: Head of Medusa by Sergei for Fabulous Masterpieces

Caravaggio head of Medusa

Caravaggio's Head of Medusa by Fabulous Masterpieces (Artist - Sergei)

2. Caravaggio Paintings: Love Victorious by Sergei for Fabulous Masterpieces

The reproduction below of Caravaggio’s Love Victorious (the original Caravaggio painting is held in Berlin, Staatliche Museen) is another Caravaggio painting by Sergei. Those who believed that Caravaggio was a homosexual interpret the figure of Love in an erotic vein: the painter’s “favourite” must have posed for him with complacent licentiousness. As a matter of fact, the splayed legs hark back to a symbolic code also used by Michelangelo to signify resurrection, victory and triumph.

caravaggio paintings

Caravaggio's Love Victorious by Fabulous Masterpieces. Artist - Sergei.

3. Caravaggio Paintings: The Betrayal of Christ by Sergei for Fabulous Masterpieces

I love this painting, it may not be the happiest of subject matters, where Caravaggio focuses on the culminating moment of Judas’ betrayal but it’s just so wonderfully painted that I can’t but stop and admire it.

caravaggio paintings

Caravaggio's The Betrayal of Christ (also known as The Taking of Christ) by Fabulous Masterpieces. Artist - Sergei.

Caravaggio Paintings by Alex

Our second artist who hand-paints Caravaggio paintings is Alex. Alex has been painting for 10 years and charges roughly around 40% less than Sergei whose work you’ve just seen  above.

1. Caravaggio Paintings: Supper in Emmaus by Alex for Fabulous Masterpieces

This painting, the original, which is in our very own National Gallery (London) unmistakably demonstrates Caravaggio’s love for symbolism.  This disciple with his arms outstretched (as if to measure space) recognizes his Lord and mimes in his gesture the shape of the cross.  The basket of fruit also contains grapes and pomegranates, common symbols of Christ’s martyrdom.

Caravaggio Supper At Emmaus

Caravaggio Supper At Emmaus - Art replica by Fabulous Masterpieces. Artist - Alex.

2. Caravaggio Paintings: Sacrifice of Isaac by Alex for Fabulous Masterpieces

The Sacrifice of Isaac was actually commissioned for a customer who wanted it painted in its original dimensions 104 cm × 135 cm (41 in × 53 in). That’s quite a big painting! Does Isaac look familiar? He has actually been identified as Cecco Boneri who has appeared as a model in numerous Caravaggio paintings. I think he also looks like the main figure in Caravaggio’s Victorious Love painting above.

Caravaggio Sacrifice Of Isaac

Caravaggio Sacrifice Of Isaac, art replica painted by Alex for Fabulous Masterpieces

3.  Caravaggio Paintings:  Death of the Virgin by Alex for Fabulous Masterpieces

Another huge painting, the original dimensions measure 369 cm × 245 cm (145 in × 96 in). It’s hard to show the size of the painting in a photo as it’s still drying in the studio. Hopefully if the customer takes a photo of it, once it’s dried and is hanging in situ in his home, I’ll be able to post it on the blog and show you how it looks.

Caravaggio Death Of The Virgin

Caravaggio's Death Of The Virgin by Alex for Fabulous Masterpieces

Would you like a quote for a Caravaggio painting?

Having seen photos of the previous commissions above, if you too would like a quote for a Caravaggio painting from either Alex or Sergei (or both!), please contact us. As with all our commissions, our Caravaggio paintings are strictly made to measure, so you can choose to have your oil replica painted to the precise dimensions that is going to suit your wall space or existing frame.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have a question, something to add or would like a quick quote, please leave a comment.

Bye for now x

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