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If you enjoy art and the finer things in life, then you’ll love having reproduction oil paintings in your home!

What are reproduction oil paintings?

Reproduction Oil Paintings

In today’s market, there are many types of wall décor available for you to furnish your walls. Ranging from photographs and mirrors to prints and posters of scenes that you admire and love. Now, just think, instead of buying a poster or giclee print from a shop on the high street or art gallery gift shop, it is becoming increasingly more popular to commission reproduction oil paintings of scenes and landscapes of famous paintings that you adore. Admirer of Turner or Monet’s water lilies, perhaps van Gogh’s Almond Blossom is what you find really special?! Well forget buying the prints, if you’re looking for something really special, order oil painting reproductions of your favourite paintings.

Reproduction oil paintings, otherwise known as art replicas, fine art reproduction, art copies, are just that – they are copies of usually famous paintings that are hand-painted by a professional artist. A lot of art reproduction companies make the claim that their reproduction oil paintings are “museum quality”, without substantiating the claim. Fabulous Masterpieces does, but for the reason that our reproduction oil paintings are actually museums, if you’re interested to learn more, please take a look at our website to read more about museum quality oil painting reproductions.

Who buys reproduction oil paintings?

Reproduction Oil Paintings

A lot of people actually, not just from the UK. We’ve delivered reproduction oil paintings to the USA, Australia, Dubai, Argentina, Moscow, France, Switzerland, Holland, Norway and Greece! These people range from being:

  • Period homeowners who need period style reproduction oil paintings such as constables, Gainsborough’s and Turner’s.
  • Museums
  • Owners of original paintings who need reproduction oil paintings for security and insurance reasons.
  • Art lovers
  • People who just want something a bit more special than a print in their home.
  • Interior designers
  • New homeowners – A major reason, they tell us is that their new home has big blank walls and they can commission reproduction oil paintings made-to-measure from us to fit any dimensions that they need.
  • People who suffer from blank-wall syndrome!

Why do people buy reproduction oil paintings?

reproduction oil paintings

Buyer looking at reproduction oil paintings by Fabulous Masterpieces

The majority of people who come to us and buy reproduction oil paintings are simply looking for something a bit more special than the usual print, which can be found in Ikea or the high street. They are people who care about the appearance of their homes and prefer to have custom-made oil paintings on the walls of art that they love. When you visit an exhibition at a gallery and spot a painting that wows you and moves you, it changes your mood, it uplifts you. Now imagine if you could transform your walls and experience the feelings of seeing your favourite pieces of art every day. This is one of the main reasons why people buy reproduction oil paintings from us.

Would you like to learn more?


Would You Like To Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about Fabulous Masterpieces please visit the Fabulous Masterpieces’ Website. If you’d like to commission your favourite oil painting reproductions, please do get in touch and contact Tim Bertram tim@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk. We’ve been painting oil painting reproductions for the last 3 years for everybody from Lords & Ladies, museums, companies and private individuals and we would love to paint a reproduction for you of your favourite piece of art. for more information on Reproduction Oil Paintings follow this link http://hubpages.com/hub/Reproduction-Oil-Paintings-UK

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If you would like to see our paintings in the flesh we are hosting a network event on Tuesday 27th April 2010 at the Troubadour gallery in Earls Court along with the Best of Kensington & Chelsea.

Art Reproduction of Stubbs' Whistlejacket

Two Fine Art Reproductions by Fabulous Masterpieces

Have a look at our art reproductions and portraits over complimentary canapés and a few glasses of wine whilst mingling with a whole host of interesting people. From solicitors and accountants to interior designers and make some lasting connections.

To buy your ticket, please click here

Venue: The Gallery, The Troubadour, 263 – 276 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JA

(West Brompton tube, Wimbledon branch of the district line or Earls Court tube, District or Piccadilly Lines) Click here for map and directions.

Time: 6.30 pm – 8.30pm

Some questions you may have about Networking

What happens at a networking event?

There are many different types of networking events. Our forthcoming event will be largely unstructured, relaxed and a very social occasion. We will be introducing ice-breakers such as a burst of ‘speed networking’ to ensure all attendees get to meet new people.

How do I prepare for the event?

Make sure you can succinctly explain what you do and the type of business you are looking for. Try to think of a memorable way to differentiate yourself and focus on the benefits you provide (e.g. instead of saying “I’m an accountant….” say “I help small business owners maximise their profits …”). Be sure to bring plenty of business cards and a positive attitude!

What do I do when I get there?

Everyone is there for the same reason so you will find it very easy to start speaking to people. The best initial approach is to find out about what the other person does rather than focusing immediately on your own business. Try to explore ways in which you might be able to help each other – there may not be a direct requirement for each other’s services, but you might be able to create a referral for one of your existing contacts. It’s standard practice to exchange business cards even if there’s no immediate opportunity for any follow up business.

How long does the event last?

Allow a good couple of hours. Sometimes the best networking happens after the ‘official’ session has ended over a drink at the bar.

Feedback From Previous Events

” I just wanted to say thank you for last night it was great fun and most beneficial.  I loved the format of the evening with the speed networking as it made me speak to new people which are not always the case at these type of events”  Sarah Ducker, SJD Events Ltd, Event and Wedding Planner

” I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting in Portobello Road.  It was full of a variety of people oozing with innovative ideas from casinos to cufflink suppliers.  Well worth going to.”  Gillian Katz, Your Wedding, Hair and Makeup

“Thank you for a wonderful event yesterday and for being so supportive of me.  The whole organisation was perfect and everybody was so at ease.  Belonging to ‘The Best of’ is the best decision I’ve ever made!”  Marilena Narbona, The Athena Network

“I was seriously impressed your Networking event.  At crunch times, when many businesses of all sizes are slashing marketing budgets in response to panic about what might happen, I applaud all those who chose to spend a few quid on an excellent local marketing opportunity.  Everybody seemed to find it useful, cards were feverishly exchanged in those inspired bursts of speed networking and the infectious group enthusiasm for making contacts was a form of business intercourse many more enterprises would do well to engage in.”  Neil English, The Mail on Sunday

“Thank you for organising an excellent event last week.  Truly good networking events must be: 1) Fun, and 2) Business effective, and yours was both!  In addition, the venue was really lovely and the food and wine were really nice.  I have arranged several follow up meetings with people I met on the evening, and I am sure they’ll prove very useful.” Tamsin Fox-Davies, Enthuse marketing

“Many thanks for organising the networking evening at The Sloane Square Hotel.  I found it well run, in a relaxed manner and beneficial having made two worthwhile contacts.  Please keep me informed on future events.” Jonathan Woodhams, James Pool & Sons Ltd

Chid Portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces. Portraits From Your Photos

For more information, please click here and if you have any questions please email us at info@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk or call Amanda English to reserve your ticket on 020 7223 3903

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Klimt's Church in Cassone

Klimt's Church in Cassone

Klimt’s Church in Cassone (Landscape with Cypresses) is tipped to fetch over £15 million at Sotheby’s this February. The painting is being sold in what Sotheby’s describes as one of the most eye-catching sales of Impressionist art it has ever held and is conservatively valued between £15 -18 Million. I wonder how Christie’s is taking the news, by not having landed such a big sale and loosing out to their competitor.

As usual at Fabulous Masterpieces, you do not need to have a spare £15 Million pounds lying around if, like me,  you would love to buy this painting you can commission an oil painting replica of Klimt’s Church in Cassone in its original dimensions here.

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“How can you justify the claim that your replicas are Museum quality?” was a question I was recently asked by a journalist. Well, I replied, for starters some of our replica oil paintings are actually in museums!  Our oil painting replica of the Winter Queen (shown below) for example, is hanging up in the Hardy Amies museum in London.

"Winter Queen"

Fabulous Masterpieces' Oil Replica of the Winter Queen Hanging in Museum

There are quite a few reasons why museums commission replicas of their famous masterpieces, for example when they’ve loaned out paintings to other galleries and museums for an exhibition, something needs to be hanging up in that space as opposed to visitors looking at a blank wall.  Secondly, If a painting belongs to a private individual or an estate they may be disinclined to actually loan the painting for an exhibition due to insurance and safety risks.  A museum will therefore have to actually commission a replica as a substitute.

However, museums are not the only ones that are in need of art replicas.  We’ve commissioned a number of replicas now for people who have actually spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on original paintings at Sotheby’s and Christie’s and wanted fine art replicas of their masterpieces for their other houses. Also, if the pieces are exceptionally valuable, insuring these oil paintings come at a huge premium.  To lower costs a lot of customers prefer to keep their originals in the vault and display a replica.

So, in regards to the quality of our oil painting replicas I tell the journalist, if museums and actual owners of original masterpieces are extremely happy to buy and display our oil paintings then I think the term “museum quality” is certainly justified.

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Happy New year to you all!  A lot of things have been happening back at Fabulous Masterpieces HQ and in the art world that we’d love to share with you, which is why we’ve decided to start a proper blog!  I’m going to post and  update you with lots of photos of our oil paintings and portraits, paintings that are being sold at auction and fun art news that you’ll find interesting. I’m also going to update you with what we’ve got planned for the year ahead. However, most importantly I’d also love to hear from you and find out what you would like to see and read about.  Also please feel free to post questions and comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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