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Mother’s Day Portraits Based on Your Favourite Photo of Mum by Fabulous Masterpieces.

mothers day gifts

Commission an oil painting of mum this Mother's day

A Mother’s day gift is all about celebrating the wonderful woman who is your mother, who has done so much for you and in all probability you’re hoping to find a gift that reflects this. Commissioning a beautifully hand-painted oil painting of your mother or a portrait of her with the family is an extremely special gift to give her. Portraits genuinely make special gifts as it shows how much you care through the time and thought you’ve taken into finding the photograph to base your portrait on, to thinking about the moment you would like the artist to paint for your mother, and what it would mean to her.

All portraits are based on photographs that you send in meaning that the oil painting that you commission for her is still going to be a complete surprise!

Past commissions include:

  • Oil portraits of her mother or father
  • A touching family portrait of her with the children.
  • Portraits of her with her siblings or with her partner.
  • A portrait of the new baby or children
  • And of course a beautifully hand-painted oil portrait of her looking her best that she would love to proudly display.

Mothers day Gifts Mother's Day Gifts Mother's day gifts Mothers day gifts

Portraits based on your favourite photograph of your mother or family

As all of our portraits are based on a photograph or several photos, all you need to do is email your chosen photo(s) to portraits@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk or post them into us.We can paint things into your portrait or omit details that you didn’t like in your original photograph. We can work from several photographs too! Please take a look at our Portraits from Multiple Photographs to see examples.

All portraits are custom-made & lovingly hand-painted with premium oils onto top quality canvases

Every portrait that you commission with our portrait artists is completely custom-made. Meaning, not only can we paint your portrait to any dimensions that you need, but if you wish, you can also have complete control in how you want your portrait to be painted. If you have ideas on how you would like the background to be painted for example and in what colours, please tell us. We’re really happy to listen to any of your ideas. Alternatively, if you want the artist to use their own judgement then that’s fine too!

Gift vouchers are available

If you would prefer your mother to choose what photograph she would like the artist to base her portrait on, we can send you out a lovely gift voucher with a personalised message from you.


Prices start from £250 and if you would like to receive a quote please email portraits@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk. To see the portrait price guide, please click here.

Beautiful oil paintings that capture a moment that is really special for your mother is an extremely touching gift and is literally something that she can keep and proudly display forever!

For more information please visit the Commission a Portrait page or The Mother’s Day Gifts Page

Have a question?

We’d love to hear from you! If you would like to add something,  or ask a question concerning our oil portraits please leave a comment.

Bye for now x

Fabulous Masterpieces is the Premier UK Portrait Company. Curious to learn more about us? Then please visit the About Fabulous Masterpieces page. 

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If you’ve been surfing the internet for art reproductions of a favourite painting that you want to have copied, you will have undoubtedly come across different levels of quality; Ranging from paintings that look like a bunch of toddlers have painted them to some mighty impressive looking reproduction oil paintings, that wouldn’t look completely out of a place in a museum.  As we get a lot of queries asking about the difference in levels of art reproduction quality, I thought I’d write this post to offer some explanation.

1.Commercial quality  – The lowest of the low

Art reproduction

Commercial Quality Art Reproductions - This beyond awful replica of Van Gogh's Sunflowers is a typical example of a commercial quality art reproduction found in China or by those art reproduction companies that buy their paintings from there.

As you can see by looking at this awful painting of Van Gogh’s sunflowers , (which looks nothing like the original that hangs proudly in the National Gallery here in London), there is no quality control in  commercial quality art reproductions.  They are painted quickly usually in a production line in huge art style factories in China. Commercial quality art reproductions are all about the quantity; usually you need to buy a minimum of at least 10 pieces. Furniture stores etc. usually buy commercial quality art reproduction paintings as they are dirt cheap and they just want something to cover up those bare walls. For this supposed art reproduction of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers shown above, you could easily get it for under $50, although you would really have to be desperate if not blind to hang this on your wall.

2.       Medium quality – Below Average

Art reproduction - medium quality

Medium quality Art reproductions. Van Gogh would be horrified!

Hmm Medium quality art reproduction paintings, as you can see, are a bit of an improvement on commercial replicas but unfortunately not that much better.  Medium quality reproductions are painted by amateur artists, detail is lacking and the image is quite sloppily and inaccurately painted. Colours and tones are also different from the original.  Again, stay clear.

3.       High Quality – Above average but not quite there yet.

Art Reproduction

High Quality Art Reproductions - Better but far from perfect

Art Reproductions that are termed high quality are generally said to be  80% accurate when compared to the original painting.  Brushwork and colours are presented well and the composition is accurate. You will notice that not all the details are there though, and the painting does look dull and flat. However these “high quality paintings” will be priced to reflect that they are only 80% accurate.

4.       Top Quality AKA Museum Quality – The crème de la crème

Caravvagio head of medusa

A Musuem Quality Art Reproduction by Fabulous Masterpieces. Caravaggio's Head of Medusa.

Museum quality. This is without a doubt the best standard of art reproduction painting.  You can’t get any better. Museum quality art reproductions will be painted by the most senior and top painters who have an extremely  strong knowledge on art techniques but who are also very creative. I mean, whilst it is impossible to recreate a painting 100% just like the original, museum quality reproductions  are the nearest we’re ever going to get to owning an original masterpiece, without spending millions of pounds or robbing a National gallery.

Just to be clear, Fabulous Masterpieces only paint museum quality art reproductions. We’ve actually painted  replica oil paintings for museums and for art collectors too. Be careful of  art reproduction companies especially American ones that offer paintings at ridiculously low prices. There is a reason for this! In most cases you’ll actually receive a high quality art reproduction as opposed to the museum quality oil painting that you had hoped for.

Have a question?

We’d love to hear from you! If you would like to add something,  or ask a question concerning art reproduction please leave a comment.

Bye for now x

Fabulous Masterpieces is the Premier UK Art Reproduction company. Curious to learn more about us? Then please visit the About Fabulous Masterpieces page. 

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The Cutest Oil Portrait Ever!

Baby Portraits

The Cutest Ever Baby Oil Portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces

Just a quick post to show you the most recent baby portrait by Fabulous Masterpieces’ artist Tom Lloyd. Hand-painted with premium Winsor & Newton oils onto a duck cotton canvas this will be something the whole family can treasure and is a celebration of his first stages in life.  Beautifully hand-painted based on the  parent’s favourite photograph of their son, the portrait took 3 weeks to paint with a further 2 weeks needed for the oils to dry.

To see more examples of Tom’s portraits, please visit the child portrait page. Prices start from £250.

All Fabulous Masterpieces oil portraits are custom-made to your specifications and can be hand-painted to the exact dimensions that you require.

For a quote or more info please contact us or visit the portrait page.

Bye for now x

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