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If you’re thinking about commissioning a portrait, especially one where you want the artist to use a selection of photos then yes, Fabulous Masterpieces’  artists can paint you the perfect oil painting.

For example, you may want to commission a family portrait but don’t have or like the photograph you have of everybody together. In this case you could send Fabulous Masterpieces a photo of each family member for the artist to work from in order for him or her to paint one large family oil painting.

Here are some examples….

Portraits from multiple photos Portraits From photos

Above are the two photographs that were given to the artist to work from. The customer wanted one oil painting with both horses included measuring 60 cm x 76 cm (24 x 30 inches).

Portraits From Multiple Photos

The resulting oil painting using multiple photos.

Another Example

Oil Portraits From Photos Portraits From photos

Above again are the two photos that the customer wanted the artist to work from to produce one oil painting.

Portraits From photos

Beautiful oil painting onto canvas working from multiple photographs

All Fabulous Masterpieces oil portraits are custom-made to your specifications and can be hand-painted to the exact dimensions that you require.

For a quote or more info please contact us or visit the portrait page.

Bye for now x

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