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How to Clean Your Oil Painting

How to clean an oil painting

When it comes to cleaning your oil painting, the best thing to use is a soft brush. Brushes can be used to remove surface dirt on the painting and the frame. If you still find you cannot remove the dirt, then cotton swabs that have been dampened with distilled water can be lightly rolled on the surface.  However, if there is flaking paint then no attempt at cleaning should be made as fragments of paint could be dislodged and swept away.  In this case, I would recommend seeking a trained conservator.

Do you have any tips?

If you have a question or if you clean your painting differently, we’d love to hear about it! Please get in touch and leave a comment.

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Our Painting of Edward VIII is Front Cover of The Duke & Duchess Windsor Historical Society Magazine!

A few months ago you would have seen Fabulous Masterpieces’ painting of Edward VIII being unveiled on Channel 4’s The Restoration Man.  We were commissioned by a couple who are currently restoring a huge mansion in Wales and asked to paint 6 oil paintings of historical figures who had actually stayed in the house ranging from great British Prime Ministers such as Churchill & Gladstone to royalty such as Queen Victoria and Edward VIII.   Fabulous Masterpieces’ painting of Edward VIII has now been picked up by The Duke & Duchess of Windsor Historical Society and is front page of their magazine!  To have a look please follow the link.

Fabulous Masterpieces’ Edward VIII Front Cover & Story!

If you’re interested there’s also the whole story of how the painting of Edward VIII came about with pictures of the house and our artist’s mock ups of Edward VIII.  It really is a good read!

What’s so special about Edward VIII?

Edward VIII (1894 -1972) is an interesting character as he actually abdicated the throne for love! He is also one of the shortest-reigning monarchs in British History (he was king for less than a year and was never crowned).  After Edward VIII’s abdication, he was titled Duke of Windsor. Our painting of Edward VIII was actually painted when he was Prince of Wales, he was officially granted that title in a special ceremony held in 1911.

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We’d love to hear from you! If you have a question please post a comment or email: info@fabulousmasterpieces.co.uk

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Klimt's Church in Cassone

Klimt's Church in Cassone

Klimt’s Church in Cassone (Landscape with Cypresses) is tipped to fetch over £15 million at Sotheby’s this February. The painting is being sold in what Sotheby’s describes as one of the most eye-catching sales of Impressionist art it has ever held and is conservatively valued between £15 -18 Million. I wonder how Christie’s is taking the news, by not having landed such a big sale and loosing out to their competitor.

As usual at Fabulous Masterpieces, you do not need to have a spare £15 Million pounds lying around if, like me,  you would love to buy this painting you can commission an oil painting replica of Klimt’s Church in Cassone in its original dimensions here.

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